How to engage your hiring managers in the collaborative hiring process

how to engage your hiring managers in the collaborative hiring process

how to engage your hiring managers in the collaborative hiring process

Last updated on October 7th, 2023 at 06:06 am

Global – Finding and hiring the perfect candidate is a team effort. It takes close collaboration with the various members of the hiring team to steer the soccer ball from start to finish and achieve the best results for the company.

But many companies have recruiters behind the wheel—in our TGTHR survey, we found that in 57% of organizations, the hiring process belongs to the recruiter, not the hiring manager.

But before we start, let’s start with the basics.

What is co-hiring and how does it work?

Joint hiring is the right choice of staff. It revolves around building a hiring team and making the hiring process a shared responsibility.

Collaborative hiring works by building a strong cross-functional hiring team. This means that the team is made up of people who work in different departments and at different levels of seniority.

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What is a Hiring Manager?

As mentioned, a hiring manager is a person in your organization who requests a new position to be filled. They are the driving force behind the creation of a new application and are always ready to receive information about requirements and expectations. They also have the final say on which candidate will be hired at the end of the hiring process.

What does a hiring manager do?

As you can imagine, the role of a hiring manager includes a detailed list of responsibilities such as:

  • Please fill in the vacancy.
  • Preparing and advising on job descriptions and key responsibilities.
  • Setting realistic expectations about what candidates should and should have.
  • Interaction with recruiters to advance the recruitment process.
  • Consulting on advertisements and search strategies.
  • Reviewing resumes and selected candidates.
  • Determination of the interview strategy in cooperation with recruiters.
  • Interviews with candidates.
  • Reviewing results in the wider hiring team.
  • Making the final hiring decision.
  • Work with HR to determine appropriate compensation and benefits.
  • Preparation of a job offer and its coordination with HR.
  • Establishment of appointment dates.

Each of these responsibilities is critical to overall recruiting success and can often take up a lot of a hiring manager’s time.

How to Involve Hiring Managers in the Collaborative Hiring Process

The methods of engaging your hiring manager will obviously vary on a case-by-case basis. All people are unique, so your approach to each new application may need to be adapted accordingly.

Overall, however, your strategy should provide a clear and consistent line of communication, as well as assurance that your hiring team is ready to help and move the process forward where needed.

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