Taliban govt Afghanistan’s human rights commission

taliban govt afghanistan’s human rights commission

taliban govt afghanistan’s human rights commission

Last updated on May 18th, 2022 at 11:16 am

Afghanistan Afghanistan – Taliban authorities have dissolved five critical departments of the former US-backed government. The dissolved constituents include Afghanistan’s human rights commission, deeming them unnecessary due to a financial crunch, an official said.

The country faced a budget deficit of 44bn Afghanis this financial year, Taliban authorities said as they laid forth their first annual national budget after they took over last August.

“These departments were not deemed necessary. They haven’t been included in the budget, they have been dissolved,” said the Taliban government’s deputy spokesperson, Innamullah Samangani.

He said the budget was “based on objective facts” and intended for departments that had been productive and active.

He said that the bodies could be reactivated in the future.

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Also dissolved were the high council for national reconciliation (HCNR), the high-powered national security council, and the commission for implementing the Afghan constitution.

The HCNR was headed by ex-Afghan president Abdullah Abdullah and was working to negotiate peace between the then-insurgent Taliban and the US-backed government of former president Ashraf Ghani.

In August 2021, two decades after invading Afghanistan, foreign forces left the war-torn country, leading to the collapse of the Afghan government and a Taliban takeover.

After taking over in 2021, the Taliban told the world that they would be more moderate. However, they haven’t allowed older girls to restart education and have introduced rules that mandate that girls and women wear veils and require them to have male relatives accompany them in all public places.

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