Spain: Thousands of women took to streets on 8 March demanding equal rights

spain women protest

spain women protest

On (8 March, 2021) International Women’s Day, thousands of women took to the streets of Spain holding signs, “Regard my existence or expect my resistance, they protested across Spain against inequality, gender violence, in support of equal rights marking the International Women’s Day march.

Lately, Spain has been home to probably the biggest Women’s day marches. In 2019, many ladies took part in a feminist general strike wherein ladies refused to work at home or office to underline their significance in society.

The fundamental factor in this acceleration is connected to ladies’ political empowerment. In 2018 Spain turned into the world’s most female-driven government with a portion of 65% female ministers in Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s office. He appointed 11 female ministers when he took office in June 2018. 

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On Monday, Spain’s Constitutional Court dismissed an appeal by women’s rights groups and unions to hold any sort of protest march in the Spanish capital.

The court decision has angered many who contended it was possible to voice their concerns for gender equality and against bigotry without risking public health.

More than 100 protesters resisted the order by attending the protest march but maintaining social distance in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol focal square. They shouted slogans like “Enough with male-centric justice!” and held banners to end violence against women, fascism, and gender inequality.

Spain is home to a flourishing feminist movement that has as of late witnessed a couple of successes, including the implementation of gender violence laws and driving a legal change on the sexual abuse of females. Activists state that the aftermaths of the pandemic, such as the socio-economic crisis have augmented the gap in the salary of men and women. 

PM Sanchez expressed that only women’s liberation will help society advance and reach new heights of prosperity and he called extremist conservative voices that restrict woman’s rights a block towards their progress. While attending a similar event he stated that only through feminism will the system of societies, lifestyles will improve.

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