Four dead as migrant boat capsizes in English Channel

four people confirmed dead after migrant boat capsized in the english channel

four people confirmed dead after migrant boat capsized in the english channel

A migrant boat capsized in the English Channel, killing four people. The “capsizing of a small boat” in the English Channel, the prime minister of Rishi Sunak told MPs, had resulted in a “tragic loss of human life.”

A spokeswoman for a French organisation claimed that it received a voice mail in the early morning from migrants in a sinking boat pleading for assistance, with baby screams audible in the background.

On Wednesday morning, a significant rescue effort was conducted off the coast of Kent by the Royal Navy, French navy, Coastguard, and RNLI lifeboats, including those from Hastings.

Just after 3am, RNLI lifeboats were launched. According to a government spokeswoman, authorities were informed of a tiny boat carrying migrants in trouble in the English Channel at 3.05 am today.

Regrettably, four confirmed deaths have resulted from this tragedy after a coordinated search and rescue operation headed by HM Coastguard. “This is a terribly unfortunate situation. Investigations are ongoing, and we will offer more information asap. All of those who lost their lives today have friends and families in our thoughts.

Government sources initially reported that 43 individuals had been saved, however, the number has since been amended to 39 as a result of new information from the relevant authorities. Over 30 people were rescued from the water.

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According to Mr Posner, PA, a man can be heard in the message claiming there was water inside the boat with “families and kids” on board.

“It was obviously an emergency, he was calling for help,” he claimed. Babies crying can be heard in the message’s backdrop.

When the charity’s attempt to reply to the message was unsuccessful, according to Mr. Posner, they called the French and UK coastguards. According to Mr. Posner, it is unclear why a rescue boat was finally sent out an hour after the charity had notified authorities of the distress call. He added: “We don’t know what truly happened during that period.”

We’re in a boat and we have an issue, a man can be heard stating in the voice note recording that Channel 4 News has obtained. Thank you. Families and kids are in a boat with us. Water is entering. We don’t have anything to help us feel secure in this. Help me out, bro. Please, kindly. We are submerged in it. Our family is here.

Meanwhile, a fisherman told Sky News that in the early morning hours, migrants encircled his boat and began “screaming for aid.”

“It was like something out of a Second World War movie,” the skipper, who only went by Raymond, said of his crew’s efforts to save 31 individuals who were trapped in the English Channel.

A group of individuals was seen being roped up over the side of a boat in a sinking dinghy that was filling with water in a clip shown by Sky News.

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