Creative Ways To Retain And Reward Precious Workforce  

creative ways to retain and reward precious workforce

creative ways to retain and reward precious workforce

Feeling valued at work has become even more important today that it was ever in the past. As the pandemic has brought about a new method to work, the hybrid models are also coming with myriad ways to keep employees feeling valued and engaged. It is not just promotions that are making people feel happy.

While getting more money into our bank accounts is nice to see, other add-on(s) are making a huge difference to the overall performance and moral of employees worldwide. Cred, an Indian fintech company has made it a policy to let their employees feel at home with their laptops. So, if you wish to browse the social media or make a purchase online, you don’t need another instrument for that. You can use the office laptop itself. Further, when senior employees quit, they don’t need to hand over their laptops back to the company. ‘For us, employees are the most precious resource; we respect these simple person needs,’ the HR and talent acquisition head Amanpreet Kaur tells the media.

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Companies today are investing heavily into healthy work ethos as well- mental health and good vibe culture has become even more important as the pandemic taught or inner spirit works best in combatting the virus. So, what does a edutech company do to reward a good referral programme; because like minded people bring good vibes to a business? The company provides an all-expense paid trip to Maldives for two, without losing a single day of paid leave, two business class return tickets to travel home and 50 percent sponsorship of their annual rent.

If you are struggling with poaching and want to retain talent, then you cannot depend on morality itself. Companies are now offering favorite bikes, iphone and Macbooks to ensure those given the appointment letter join within 30days.

Work and speed in paramount, says Sulbha Rai, the Chief People Officer at a top-notch Digital Insurance platform. Gifting cars when a team meets targets is another giveaway that is helping people feel more valued.

The rest you have to depend on the basic morality and ethics of the person hired. There is no way of measuring whether a person might still quit; in most probabilities this is a rare occurrence.

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