Best Places To Work For Perfect Life-Work Balance

best places to work for perfect life work balance

best places to work for perfect life work balance

Last updated on September 26th, 2023 at 06:52 am

A report compiled by the recruitment firm Remote has suggested that European countries nowadays are presenting the best work-life balance. This has become imperative and many companies have started to take this seriously since the pandemic redefined the way we do work. Hybrid working has also become a reality.

Surprisingly, the UK comes down to the low 28th position in its list of suitable countries that were decided on certain parameters. The parameters create a ‘holistic’ view on work-life balance taking into account of factors such as minimum wage, maternity leave, statutory annual leave, sick pay, the country’s healthcare system and the country’s overall happiness level to help workers determine the best locations for life-work balance.  

The Remote report has inverted the equation place life over work and the latter not being given that much importance. So here is a list to ponder on:


It wins over its awarding of 100percent maternity leave of 20 weeks almost 5 months) and statutory leave of 37 days. They are one of the most content nations at 7.3 on the happiness index in Europe.


 Placing great importance on life, it prioritizing health and has a healthy per hour rate of $10.


Long working weeks are a rarity across industries here. With a contentment index even higher that Luxemburg, their health system is extremely robust with per head spending higher than any other European country.


Exceptional rule of employer pays for you if you are away on sick leave to the count of 70percent.This is one country with a huge population but excellentmaternity leaves benefits and statutory leave as well.


In 2017, the French government passed a law known as the right to disconnect, which requires companies with more than 50 workers to create a “charter of good conduct”: a document stopping workers from answering emails outside of hours.


Of all European nations, this allocates parents 20 weeks of leave at 100 percent of their wage. Workers receive a significant 33 days of annual leave, though this is at 70 percent of their base wage.


It has long week of 40 week working but provides flexibility as to when people start and finish work.


One of the happiest nations in the world, they offer a generous 38 days of paid leave at 100 percent of your base wage. Their happiness index score is at 7.55.


One of the few nations to provide protection to workers looking to start a family by offering strong statutory maternity leave (21.7 weeks at 80 percent of your base salary). 


Work-life balance is a cornerstone of Danish culture. The Scandinavian nation has a high taxation rate that serves to fuel a strong welfare society, benefitting its citizens through free education and healthcare, as well as a smooth public transport system and sprawling recreational facilities.

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