BSP to start ‘Mission Migrants’ to extend its reach

bsp to start ‘mission migrants’ to extend its reach

bsp to start ‘mission migrants’ to extend its reach

IndiaIndia – To expand its support base in Delhi, the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) has decided to start “Mission Migrants.”

On Sunday, Mayawati, the party’s leader, presided over a gathering of BSP officials and leaders from the Delhi chapter at the organization’s headquarters on Gurdwara Rakabganj Road in Delhi.

The BSP chairman stated that the national capital was a “mini-India” and that many migrants from other states had relocated there when speaking to party leaders and office holders.

The majority of the migrants came to the city in search of menial occupations and a means of subsistence from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, and Punjab. These immigrants were made to live hard lives. The administration had neglected them and humiliated them. According to her, reports of crimes against migrants frequently appear.

The nation’s capital is Delhi. The growth of the city and the welfare of the populace are the duties of the federal and state governments. Due to the egos and conflicts between the national and state administrations, the people of Delhi are suffering. She remarked that due to unfavorable news, Delhi is frequently in the spotlight.

The COVID epidemic and lockdown caused a lot of suffering for the refugees. The national government and the Delhi government offered them no assistance. She said that the refugees were essentially abandoned and forced to fend for themselves.

Many migrant workers had to travel great distances on foot to get home. The displaced people are still made to live in misery today. She asserted that the residents of Delhi had a right to a better life.

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Mayawati denounced the demolition of homes in Delhi and claimed that bulldozer politics also ruled the nation’s capital. She said that the impoverished people’s homes and businesses were being destroyed.

Mayawati gathered opinions regarding the party structures and operations of the AAP government and the federal government from regional leaders. She suggested that the party leaders organize their members to create the Delhi administration.

The migrants and residents of Delhi’s slums and illegal colonies, according to a BSP senior aware of the meeting’s proceedings, were the party’s core supporters, but the AAP made inroads into the BSP voting base to seize power. The party’s founder, Kanshi Ram, recruited the Dalits, the backward, and migrants to boost the party, he said, and the BSP formerly had a strong structure in Delhi.

“BSP is attempting to make up lost ground by concentrating on migrant and slum populations. The party leaders have been told to fortify the Delhi organization. The national coordinator of the party, Akash Anand, is organizing meetings in the areas with a high migrant population, and the missionaries would be given major positions in the organization,” he added.

The BSP won two seats in the Delhi assembly in 2008 and received 14.05 percent of the vote. The BSP had candidates for 69 seats in the 2013 assembly elections, garnering 5.35 percent of the vote. The BSP ran for 70 seats in the 2015 assembly elections and received 1.30 percent of the vote. The BSP had candidates for 68 seats in the 2020 assembly elections and received 0.71 percent of the vote.

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