Work-Life Balance Is The Biggest Factor For Irish Job Seekers

work life balance is the biggest factor for irish job seekers

work life balance is the biggest factor for irish job seekers

Research has found that work-life balance is now the number one influence for Irish professionals when looking for a new job. According to this latest research, Work-life balance is now the important thing that influence factor for Irish professionals looking for a new job.

This research study also states that nearly six out of ten applicants will not accept a job if they have a negative experience during the hiring process.

IrishJobs in association with Boston Consulting Group and The Network had conducted this Future of Recruitment survey. In this survey 90,000 global respondents, of whom 955 were professionals from this country. Research found that salary was the second most important factor for Irish workers when looking for a job, followed by a flexible work location and/or work schedule.

3/4 said their ideal career path was a stable career coupled with a good work-life balance.

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General manager of IrishJobs said that “Research shows that, increasingly, people work to live, not live to work, and while a negative recruiting experience may deter many people from accepting a job offer, work-life Balance is still the number one deal-breaker for the Irish professional,”

CEO of KBC Ireland is also shared his view, about to say that closure orders have been issued to all current account customers.

In a simple way high salary and higher position may can attract the job seekers but work-life balance is a factor which is important for them to do the job for long term.

½ of respondents said salary or financial compensation is what they look for first in a job before applying. After that they look at the location and remote work opportunity, 1/3 said they look for high salary and good positions. 1/4 want to find a different career.

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