Key to work-life balance

key to work life balance

key to work life balance

Post COVID-19 and in 2023 ‘life to work or work to live’ has gone completely haywire. On the one hand, the culture of Tiktok encourages us to work and think of our free time as financial potential. But other times Millennial burn-out essays or reflections on the pandemic culture of overworking fed up regularly. The destruction of personal spaces means that people have no personal life, trying to stay. They are just surviving and spending days on money and finance. People struggle to save jobs despite having the option to avoid them.

In between the work-life people are just avoiding their personal and social life. It is important to make and maintain a boundary by which they can enjoy life. I think that we are all born on this planet for celebrating days like picnics, one day we all need to go back. So we should just enjoy the journey.

For balancing their life people should give equal weight to the feelings and emotions in their life. Give equal space to relationships, you can only do it by maintaining a boundary between work and home.

It never means you are not supposed to go to the office, do multiple works or celebrate work, but in between this never forget why you are doing this. What is the reason you want money or success? Of course the family!

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In between remote work and running for money we all humans are forgetting about living, and we are paying a lot of amount as a penalty for it. As we are seeing upraise in depression cases, mental health is an issue, and many are quitting their jobs.

So, it is important to balance both work and life!

Make time for the people who are important in your life, and remember the passions you’re not being paid for and the skills you have that you’re not being judged for. The perspective that there is more to life than work may come sooner than you think.

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As a passionate freelance writer, I delve into the intricacies of human rights, work-life balance, and labour rights to illuminate the often overlooked aspects of our societal fabric. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to social justice, I navigate the complexities of these crucial topics, aiming to foster awareness and inspire change.

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