IPS study said that Work-life balance more important than salary for local workers

ips study said that work life balance more important than salary for local workers

ips study said that work life balance more important than salary for local workers

Recently a story released by the Institute of Policy Studies and the data or result which is in it was quite surprising. In this study found that in Singapore different age groups of people want different jobs aspects, and a group of workers prioritizing work-life balance and mental health compared to a high salary amounts.

This survey was conducted in Singapore on 1010 local employees of the region. And in the result, it was clear that more than 50 percent of them was wanting work-life balance, they are agree to work with less salary amount but a good opportunity to get a work-life balance. The result showed that the people in the region are taking family, and personal life more important than high pay and bank accounts.

This Survey by the Institute of Policy Studies showed what the people of Singapore are thinking, the study throws light on social mobility and expectations.

An IPS senior research fellow Dr. Laurel Teo was the leader of the survey. And they explained the result of the survey on public notice.

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The topic of Work-Life Balance is trending since the time of the Pandemic. In the work-from-home culture, people had lost their private space because of flexible working hours. This Work From Home culture did not only come with the benefits of its work environment but at the same time this have many side effects, it seriously impacted mental health, and people faced loneliness and many other difficulties in this work culture.

Though now we came ahead from the pandemic and now we are returning to the normal work culture. And people /employees are now prioritizing their mental health, and work-life balance rather than salary.

So, the result of the survey is as per the trend, and companies need to prepare for this !

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