Nearly One-Third Of Employees quit Due To a Lack Of Work-Life Balance

nearly one third of employees quit due to a lack of work life balance

nearly one third of employees quit due to a lack of work life balance

In a new survey, it is said that in the last year of 2022, over 1/3 of employees had left their jobs because of the lack of work-life balance. On the other hand, around 15% left for career growth, around 10% left because of more benefits and compensations, around 9% left the job for well-being, and many others left for their reasons.

According to a recent survey, is confirmed that older workers are rethinking their priorities on jobs and that work-life balance is not just money is important.

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Though after the pandemic a big group of employees is finding remote and hybrid work environments better than the workplace, and they do not want to go back to the offices again. But there is another group of people who want the workplace and fixed office hours. But the mutual thing is in pandemic the people around the globe get more conscious about their mental health. And as a result, we saw many employees leave their high-paying jobs because they were not happy with the unbalanced job schedules.

The survey also reflected the same, major people left their job in the previous year because they were not satisfied with the job environment. Their mental health was impacted by the work. So they chose to leave the organization.

Finally, older workers may want to continue learning new skills and use their skills and talents to enhance their careers. A high percentage noted that they believed they had much more to achieve in their careers. But many of them are ready to leave the job to find mental peace.

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