Japan’s PM Kishida Reprimands Aide For Outing Same-Sex Couple

japan's pm kishida reprimands aide for outing same sex couple

japan’s pm kishida reprimands aide for outing same sex couple

Tokyo: Although a Tokyo court upheld a ban on same-sex marriage from November, it said the lack of legal protection for same-sex families violated their human rights. Recent act in Japan…..

On Saturday the Prime Minister of Japan Fumio Kishida reprimanded one of his secretaries. The reason behind this is that he did not want to live with gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender couples. The secretary said people would flee Japan if same-sex marriage was allowed.

Masayoshi Arai, a Japanese government bureaucrat, made comments to the media on Friday in which he said he does not even want to see same-sex couples. Let me remind you that he is a bureaucrat who has worked for Kishida since October.

His statement on same sex couples is one of the reasons for heat waves among the nation!

The PM Kishida said about his comment that- “His comments are outrageous and completely inconsistent with the administration’s policies,”

The PM of Japan showed his anger on the bureaucrat Arai and said in front of the media that he might fire Arai for making such misleading remarks and creating an environment of insecurity for the people of Japan ,he should apologize.

Prime Minister Kishida told parliament that gay marriage needed careful consideration because of its potential impact on family structure.

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The PM of Japan is embarrassed

This is a sensitive time for Japan, as this May the Japanese PM is going to host the leaders of the Group of Seven countries meeting. In which all the remaining 6 countries already had policies that allow their citizens to marry in the same sex.

In Japan, the statement of a government bureaucrat can also hurt the public’s mind and the support of the party can decrease. However, you should know that Japan saw a 30% in the number of resignations of senior officials. The survey conducted by NHK in 2021 also reported that a large section of the public wants government approval for same-sex marriages.

Question is of Human Rights, Where are the advocates? Can you here me, Please help Japan!

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