World War II Sex Slavery Victims In The Philippines Urge Japan To Recognize War Crimes

world war ii sex slavery victims in the philippines urge japan to recognize war crimes

world war ii sex slavery victims in the philippines urge japan to recognize war crimes

Manila: Filipino women survivors of sexual slavery by Japan’s World War II military on Tuesday urged the Japanese government to acknowledge their war crimes, resolve the “comfort women” issue and stop “warming up”.

Sharon Cabusao-Silva the executive director of Lila Pilipina talked to the media and he said that “It is deeply unjust on the part of the Japanese government to continue to ignore the issue of Filipino comfort women, who have suffered in silence for more than half a century”

Lila Pilipina

It is a Philippine organization that works to help women who were forced into Japanese military brothels in their fight for justice. The organization raises its voice for them.

Few have survived that critical time and most are in their 90s and are ill, Xinhua news agency reported.

Leela Pilipina’s executive director named Sharon Cabusao-Silva said that Japan should wake up and see what is happening, it should recognize the trauma inflicted on women by the Japanese Imperial Army.

They also said that Japan needs to find out and accept its war crimes against Asian countries and take major steps. The issue was waiting for the solution, the issue of comfort women.

Leela Pilipina’s call came as Japan is all set to present its human rights report.

This report is going to be presented in the fourth cycle of the UN Universal Periodic Review in the country.

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Although Japan is announcing many human rights issues and areas in its presentation, at the same time they have kept their tongue on the topic of ‘comfort women’. The government is completely silent on this issue, which should be at the center!

During World War II, many women and girls from China, Southeast Asia, the Korean Peninsula, and other countries were enslaved by Japanese militarists and experienced horrific sexual violence. The torture was not only physical but also mental.

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