Cabinet Approves Higher Minimum Wage For Skilled Workers

cabinet approves higher minimum wage for skilled workers

cabinet approves higher minimum wage for skilled workers

Bankok: On Tuesday Thailand’s cabinet approved a new minimum wage range. Changes in 17 occupations in three sectors were proposed by the Ministry of Labor and have been implemented soon. For skilled workers, it ranges from 465 to 700 baht a day.

To deal with labor shortages and encourage workers to improve their skills the government proposed these changes.

The Thai government intends to increase the capabilities of workers in sectors demanded by the labor market.

After the weekly cabinet meeting, The changes were announced by  Rachada Dhnadirek, the deputy government spokeswoman.

The changes are as follows with updates on minimum daily rates-

Industrial changes

Powertrain system technicians495 baht
Structural steel technicians500 baht
Pump valve technicians515 baht
MIG and MAG welding operators520 baht
Fitters500 baht
Mechatronic and  industrial robot tech545 to 715 baht

Mechanical changes

Backhoe operators585 baht
Farm tractor repairmen465 to 620 baht
Loading machine operators520 baht
Excavator operators570 baht
Towing tractor operators555 baht

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Hydrotherapists500 to 600 baht
Nutrition therapists500 to 600 baht
Bartenders475-600 baht
Technicians for equipment to assist people with disabilities520 to 600 baht
Aromatherapists500 to 600 baht
Childcare nurses530 baht

The new wage rates will come into effect 90 days after they are published in the Royal Gazette.

With the certificate, their employers have to adjust their salary accordingly. Employers who fail to comply are liable to jail terms of up to six months and/or fines of up to 100,000 baht.

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