YouTube Music Contract Workers Go On Strike Over Unfair Labor Practices

youtube music contract workers go on strike over unfair labor practices

youtube music contract workers go on strike over unfair labor practices

Last updated on October 7th, 2023 at 05:58 am

Alphabet subcontractor tech company Cognizant hired several employees who were working for YouTube and had gone on strike. More than a dozen workers on alleged unfair labor practices as the reason for the strike.

The report of Verge explained a report on this issue. The 40 striking workers alleged that the management of both Cognizant and YouTube companies took advantage of unfair labor practices to come in the way of their union campaign.

They also blamed that most of them are ready to vote yes to the election of the National Labor Relations Board.

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YouTube Music generalists are on strike in Austin, and the Texas Sam Regan explained by saying this statement, In an act of retaliation, our employer is forcing an end to remote working before the vote, which would dramatically interfere with the fair voting conditions mandated by federal law.

The music content operations team of YouTube is expected to return to the Austin office near next week.

But the AWU- Alphabet Workers Union said that the workers were hired remotely. And they are saying that employees are getting a very low salary of $19 and because of it they can not relocate and face extra costs of travel, childcare, rent, etc.

By raising their issues, the AWU filed a charge at the NLRB, with the claims of unfair labor practices.

Though let me tell you the company Alphabet also cut off 6% or 12,000 of workers globally.

This is not the first protest by the workers, the workers of Google are also protesting on the streets of the US and asking to take attention to the condition of workers, the environment is not good enough to survive!

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