Cut-Offs At Autodesk, 250 Job Losses Amid Days Of Flurry Tech Layoffs- Report

cut offs at autodesk, 250 job losses amid days of flurry tech layoffs report

cut offs at autodesk, 250 job losses amid days of flurry tech layoffs report

We covered each and every big tech off layoffs news and shared with you. Now after a month of new year Amazon , Meta, Twitter , Microsoft, Saleforce, Spotify, Snap and many more announced its layoff because of the uncertain market and no growth.

So, in the midst of all this, we also told you about some positive beams of hiring, which seems to be a surprise to all of you.

The condition of the news market today, you all as an audience easily believe in retrenchment instead of hiring! The reason is retrenchment in haste.

We’re going to tell you about another layoff news at Autodesk!

The largest tech company which is expanding in last years rapidly is going to shed off some of its employee. The Autodesk Inc. is cutting at least 250 jobs in its unit.

A spokeswoman for the company said the cuts cover less than 2% of the global workforce of the company Autodesk. She said they are the product of aligning resources to pursue key priorities this fiscal year and are not the result of over-hiring or cost-cutting, and that Autodesk will “add workers across the company for several key positions.” Used to be.”

The Autodesk is a company which is California based. It has over 12,600 staffs in the world according to the January 2022.

In the year of 2023, the share of company is increased up to 22% but let me tell you that in the year of 2022 the share fell down with a rate of 33%.

At the beginning of the week, Octa Inc., Workday Inc., Splunk Inc. and Pinterest Inc. announced a layoff in its workforce.

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