How has Apple avoided mass layoffs like Meta, Google, and Microsoft?

how has apple avoided mass layoffs like meta, google, and microsoft

how has apple avoided mass layoffs like meta, google, and microsoft

As signs of recession, we saw several big tech giants announce layoffs. Like with the rising sun, any big company or startup announced a layoff and now we are familiar with it, in between if you hear any technology which is still safe from inflation and has not announced any big cutoff, This might raise your eyebrows, your mind will question how is this possible?

We also covered and updated you about Amazon, Google, Meta, and Microsoft announcing layoffs. But have you ever seen any news of head cuts from Apple? You will not say!

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This big tech company is avoiding mass layoffs, any clear picture will be released after February 2 but so far it is a milestone that the company is yet to cut its workforce.

Now a question arises how?

It is shocking that while Meta and Microsoft are saying they are cutting their workforce due to signs of oncoming inflation, iPhone company Apple is taking the situation lightly. What are the circumstances that enable Apple to do this?

Lean recruiting process

 The lean hiring process is the key by which Apple is on the list of most stable companies today, it helps avoid wastage of time and resources on the part of the employer.

When it was 2019 to 2022, many of the beneficiaries who are announcing layoffs today were hiring twice as fast, but at that point, Apple slowed down its hiring process by staying calm.

Amazon doubled its WorkUnit, and increased its workforce by 94% amid the pandemic, Google also increased its employees by 54%, but at the same time, Google only increased by 20%, which means they increased just 17,000 employees at that time of COVID, so now when the market is down they are not facing the hit easily and quickly because they had saved resources with time.

Finally, let me tell you that Apple’s last layoff happened 23 years ago in 1997 when they cut 4,100 of their employees.

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