Iran has given death sentences to more than 50 people so far this year, Is there a human rights group?

iran has given death sentences to more than 50 people so far this year, is there a human rights group

iran has given death sentences to more than 50 people so far this year, is there a human rights group

Tehran: As we have a so-called human rights authority and many countries are showing them as human rights advocates. Luxembourg has one of the highest human rights protection rates as reported by several agencies. But when I think, my mind gets spoiled about whether there is a good condition of human rights in the world.

Basic opportunities and equality of being human, gender, nationality, ethnicity, religion, etc. are part of it. And we are in a developing age, maybe even developed, but lacking in basic human needs. The situation in Middle Eastern countries is bad, and I am not ashamed to say that “top human rights advocates are using this to fulfill their political and national will”.

If I am wrong then why is the world silent on the issue of Iran? Maybe many of you would not know what we are talking about, let’s see-

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Earlier this year and in just 26 days, Iran had executed more than 55 people, Norway-based Iran Human Rights said in a statement. This act is being done by the Iranian authorities because they want to instill fear in the hearts and minds of the people so that the authorities can suppress the street protests.

The Amnesty International rights group said Iran was setting an important example and that the act was an act of appalling torture. Those killed are not only seniors. Many minors are also facing the death penalty, as the Right Group confirmed that even the youngest people, as young as 18, faced the death penalty.

In our previous post, we already updated you about the significant human rights violations by the Irish government to suppress the protests.

So, In the recently released statistics, I am again asking you where are the human rights advocates. Are they deaf… I think you should stand up and roar so they act against the devil Iran!

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