Philippines Shocked By The Death Of Filipino Employee In Kuwait

philippines shocked by the death of filipino employee in kuwait

philippines shocked by the death of filipino employee in kuwait

Manila: The whole Philippines is in shock after the bad news from Kuwait. The dead body of a Filipino laborer was found lying in the desert of Kuwait. This laborer was murdered in Kuwait.

Now the Philippines is waiting for the return of the dead body to go back to their country and after that, the wake will start on Friday. Which is two weeks after the incident.

The name of the worker was Julebi Ranara who is of a 35-year-old woman. She was one of over 268,000 expatriate Filipino workers who were living in Kuwait and she was working as a domestic helper in Kuwait.

On Sunday in the desert of Kuwait, her burned remains of her were found, this was revealed by the media of Kuwait and after finding the dead body it was delivered blunt-force trauma.

Sources also revealed that Julebi Ranara that 35-year-old lady was pregnant at that time. And in this case of murder, his employer’s son has been arrested by the officials on the charge of murder.

Susan Opal the Secretary of Migrant Labor had not commented on this incident and it seems like they are trying to skip from any statement release. The National Bureau of Investigation is in charge to investigate the dead body of Ranara.

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There are many theories regarding the cause of death and the reasons behind it but none of them is clear yet. During Friday morning’s press conference, the family had asked for an investigation of the dead body.

But the application to the police and officers acted quickly and arrested the suspect. The investigation will begin after the return of the remains of Ranara on Friday evening. As per the media’s prediction by Sunday, the investigation can be started.

Her husband said they would like that the investigation is held two weeks from now so that families can attend. Many called this news “Terrible”.

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