Human Rights Program of DI organizes second student convention

human rights program of di organizes second student convention

human rights program of di organizes second student convention

Doha: “Where Should We Start: Individual Rights as the Basis for Collective Rights or Opposite?”… this is the tagline or title of the second student conference of the Institute of Graduate Studies, Doha. Here the Human Rights Program was organized by them.

The center of the conference is very much clear by the title they used for the conference. In this meetup, the people discussed the interdependence between individual and collective rights. Further the patterns of interaction from a different points of view.

The Dean of the School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Dr. Amal Ghazal said during the time addressing the conference that many reports indicate a down in individual and collective rights in many societies in the Arab world.

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The summit, held in Doha, raised several noteworthy questions. The primacy of collective and individual rights, and their violation among various societies in a world ravaged by conflicts and wars, are some of the points that need to be taken care of.

The conference had three sessions in which the students spoke on a range of issues. Collective and individual rights and women’s rights in the region of Arab, and the case studies of Arab and Islamic countries were the main focused topics.

“Arab women and their confrontation with crises in the region” was the paper on which the second session of the conference started which is presented by a student of the Political Science and International Relations program named Radwa Amiri.

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