Why Are Working Moms Called ‘Bad Moms’? Influencer Deepa Bular Khosla And Gender Game

why are working moms called bad moms, influencer deepa bular khosla and gender game

why are working moms called bad moms, influencer deepa bular khosla and gender game

Deepa Bular Khosla, A Global Influencer expressed a big concern about the scrutiny of working mothers.

When a women go outside from the home to work leaving their child at home, society always becomes a barrier. Because of this criticism, many women left their jobs and sits at home with their children to skip themselves from the criticism.

But what is the reason for gender discrimination?

Recently Deepa Buller Khosla a global influencer who always makes her social presence and raises her voice in direction of social justice for women, her motherhood, etc, shared an Instagram post and again raised her concern about it.

In this post, she is wearing a T-shirt that has ‘She is with her dad’ written on it. Through this post, she shows her dedication towards all the mothers who are working and faces the question of society “Why are you not with your child?” Women always face this situation whenever they are on a business trip or in self-care improvement.

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In his post, the influencer talked about his 2-year-old daughter Dua, saying that when she is not around, people usually ask her where she is. How can I leave him, etc etc, etc…!

Though this is not the first time when this women influencer raised her concern regarding women and their freedom. We cannot forget her appearance at Cannes film fest 2021, where she added breast bumps to her outfit.

Parenthood is not only related to the mother!

All working women try to strike a balance between work and child but society always pulls them down. Society always puts pressure on women to remember that she is a women. Is it related to paternity? Why should a child be the responsibility of the mother? Why can’t a man stay at home, or why can’t society accept a man who stands outside with a child and mother?

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