A hiring alert in Airpay – Exclusive more than 100 will get the

a hiring alert in airpay – exclusive more than 100 will get the

a hiring alert in airpay – exclusive more than 100 will get the

With the slowing market rate and the fear of impending inflation hitting with each passing day, tech giants are announcing cutoffs to reduce spending. This is a time when if I tell you that a big company is hiring, you might not believe it. But I am not joking today I am here with a piece of good news, although it is not a big deal getting hired at the time of job loss is absolutely big news!

An integrated financial services platform Airpay is going to hire more than 100 people. To grow its operational teams in Mumbai and Kochi over the next two months the company is deciding to increase its team.

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There have already been some changes in the company’s leadership team. New Chief Business Officer Sulabh Tandon and Global Head of Operations Rahul Jain have been appointed by the company.

Kunal Jhunjhunwala’s company which is basically from Mumbai, India will increase their workforce by 25%. In 2017 the company raised funds and weathered the pandemic by opening an operations hub in Kochi.

Airpay founder and managing director Kunal Jhunjhunwala said Kochi as the center of operations during the pandemic provided a lot of opportunities for the company. And this benefits the company.

The head of the company Kunal said in his statement “We have been in the industry for over a decade and believe in scalable growth with a focus on profitability”.

So, this airpay is going to hire in the situation when with the started year of 2023 an average of 1600 tech workers are losing their jobs globally. This is an opportunity for people who are seeking hope.

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