Ford Motor Layoffs Across Europe: Report

ford motor layoffs across europe report

ford motor layoffs across europe report

Berlin: Now after Tesla Ford motors are going to reduce its headcounts in the region of Europe. The Ford Motor Co is planning to reduce the number of employees. Following a reduction in workforce in the United States Of America, now Ford is in the mood to reduce its number of workers in the region of Europe. They are going to lay off 3,200 employees because they want to cut extra costs. After all, it’s converting to electric vehicles.

The layoff by the company will affect around 65% of development jobs in the European region. Germany is the place that will face a hard hit after this announcement. After a meeting at the carmaker’s factory in Cologne, the IG Metallurgist union said product development and administrative areas were among the areas most affected by the recently announced layoffs.

Now all the development activities will be moved from Germany to the area of the USA, this prophetic statement is also given by IG Metall.

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This is not the first time cut in the job by Ford. In last year’s first quarter, the company already had done a shed of in their workers the number was that time is  3,000. In the previous year, the cutoff was based on the American regions.

CEO Jim Farley targets $3 billion in cost cuts as he wants to profit from traditional internal combustion engine models to help finance the $50 billion. They want to invest in electric vehicles.

But let me tell you that the company Ford had not confirmed the news yet. They ignored the question of the job cut in Europe by saying ‘no decision has been made’.

Though The reason is the low market share and disappointing returns. The company is in the mood to make a new appealing presence in Europe the vehicle manufacturing units are lighting the region.

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