Hong Kong 47 Ready To Face Court, Democracy ‘On Trial’, See Details.

hong kong 47 ready to face court, democracy 'on trial', see details.

hong kong 47 ready to face court, democracy ‘on trial’, see details.

From Monday the national security test is going to begin in Hong Kong. As many as 47 pro-democracy activists and politicians were on trial for a “conspiracy to sabotage” the public by organizing an informal poll in 2020, days after an implementing new security law came into force.

It is expected that Sixteen people will plead not guilty. But the number is not fixed it can be changed till Monday because defendants are trying their level best and they will try to weigh their options regarding possible sentences.

Gordon Ng Ching-hang and Leung Kwok-hung the accused include prominent activist “Long Hair”, they will probably the life sentence. Five people were named as “principal organizers” of an election conceived as a way for the Democratic camp. Select your strongest candidates for the Legislative Council election which was later postponed.

Joshua Wong is a famous face of activist who will be part of this testing. Defendants pleading guilty shall be sentenced after the conclusion of the trial.

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47 accounts for what remains of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy leadership after mass protests calling for political reform in 2019 simultaneously came to an inconclusive end with the advent of COVID-19, and the national security law forced many people pushed into exile.

Eric Lai, the non-resident fellow at the Georgetown Center for Asian Law, said informally the trial is the future of Hong Kong’s democracy movement, adding that “participating in pro-democracy activities and legislature” could be seen as a threat to national security. future.

Lai said, “The majority of the pro-democracy camp has received more than 60 percent of the vote in the last decade’s elections and now the government has decided to arrest and criminalize all major leaders in Hong Kong.” al Jazeera.

The security law will come into effect on 30th , 2020. Those accused of conspiracy to commit subversive activities to face up to three years in prison. “active participation” in the collaboration, and between 10 years and life imprisonment if they are considered “principal offenders”, will receive 10 years imprisonment.

According to prosecutors, Tai and Au face some of the most severe charges for “clear attempts to subvert state power, to paralyze the operation of the [Hong Kong] government”, according to court documents. Prosecutors also alleged that the defendants hoped that a crackdown on their activities would garner international support and lead to sanctions on Hong Kong and Chinese officials.

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