Job Seekers In Myanmar, Three Touts Arrested In Songkhla

job seekers in myanmar, three touts arrested in songkhla

job seekers in myanmar, three touts arrested in songkhla

Around 30 illegal job-seekers from Myanmar were arrested in a pickup truckload. This is an incident of Friday night from Bang Kalam district of this southern border of the state.

Two pickup trucks were stopped by the immigration police on a street in Bang Kalam to search.

The first vehicle who were checked by the police with a Chumphon license plate and the driver was a Thai man. He has been identified as 23-year-old Thavachai. And there was no passenger inside the truck.

The second vehicle was with Surin licence plate and there was a Thai woman as a driver. She was of 29-year-old.Her name is Somjit. And when the investigation team searched inside the truck, they find 30 people seated there.

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They all were Migrants from Myanmar and wanting a job, and the both two drivers were job brokers.

The investigating officer named Mr Thavachai said that he was paid 9,000 baht to drive in the route and bring the migrant and another driver Ms Somjit received 3000 baht for the work.

The drivers said that they took the Myanmar’s illegal migrants from the Prachuap Khiri Khan province and deliver to an area of Bang Klam.

The migrants had paid 47,000 baht to each of the job brokers for this work. They all are now in police custody.

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