‘Top Notch Cabby Content’: Bengaluru Uber Driver Refuses To Show Up Because He’s ‘Sleepy’, Internet Says Enough

top notch cabby content , bengaluru uber driver refuses to show up because he's sleepy, internet says enough

top notch cabby content , bengaluru uber driver refuses to show up because he’s sleepy, internet says enough

Nowadays waiting for a cab is a daily problem for many of you, in fact, me too! We metro cities are facing this long wait for cab problem every day, but if you are living in less popular neighborhoods, be prepared for a lot of canceled rides before you can get a pick-up.

Something similar happened with today’s central character who is Twitter user Aashi. Let’s see what kind of trouble he faced, and how it is trending on the internet. What is the matter after all?

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Bengaluru cab driver refused to ride

Aashi shared a screenshot of the chat with the cab driver who had confirmed her ride but recently canceled the ride. Although it may seem like the drivers were wrong or rude once you read the reason you will find that the driver’s reason needs to be accepted.

The driver contacted Ashi through Uber’s messaging service and told her that she was not in a good condition to drive and was sleepy, so she canceled the ride.

Aashi shared this on his Twitter handle and said that the behavior of the cab driver was quite normal. She added a catchy caption to it – “Tired after a day’s hustle and bustle in @peakbengaluru.”

Cab driver seeking attention: Tired but honest

Her post was followed by several reactions and people were appreciating the honesty and behavior of the Uber driver. He was responsible so he contacted the Aashi people.

One user said – This driver was honest. One user joked, “Work-life balance at its finest.”

I think this act of the driver should be appreciated as work-life balance is important. We always complain that we waited for the cab but the drivers wait inside the cab 24*7. Where is their work-life balance? We should think about it.

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