Zomato CEO Called Out For Saying ‘No Work-Life Balance’ in New Job Postings on LinkedIn

zomato ceo called out for saying 'no work life balance' in new job postings on linkedin

zomato ceo called out for saying ‘no work life balance’ in new job postings on linkedin

However, it is the season of layoffs, and as the market shows signs of slowing and inflation hitting, companies are reducing the number of units to save on additional expenses. I know that you too will not be surprised to see any news of layoffs by big tech companies, but at the same time, some new hiring in this slow season may surprise you.

Deepinder Goyal the CEO of Zomato had recently posted around 800 jobs in food delivery roles on LinkedIn. There he also posted a brief description of the job too.

He said in his post that “Hello everyone – we have about 800 positions open across these 5 roles at Zomato. If you happen to know someone really good for any of these roles, please tag them on this thread”

Why do you think people were happy and surprised by the hiring alert? Of course, they are but till yet when they went to see the job description. The statement of the CEO and other officials sparked outrage on the internet. The CEO added his statement on the job post “A 24*7 job where the traditional employee mindset of work-life balance will not work.”

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So, Users showed their disappointment with job updates by Zomato. There is no work-life balance in the job. A user twitted that Chief of Staff roles are slavery in toxic companies.

Deepinder Goyal became the delivery executive for Zomato on the eve of the New Year. And he shared his experience of the day of joining too.

Work-life balance has been a primary part of human life. Amidst the wave when companies came forward for this, giving employees flexible working hours, work-from-home or hybrid opportunities, 4-day working facility but at the same time Zomato has cleared that they are not going to support it. They are expecting workers available 24*7.

At the end of a recent job post, Zomato made it clear that if you are an advocate of work-life balance and want it, then Zomato is not the place to work for you!

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