Charities urge PM to stop using hotels to house migrant children

charities urge pm to stop using hotels to house migrant children

charities urge pm to stop using hotels to house migrant children

London: Rishi Sunak received letters from over 100 charities regarding ending the accommodation of child asylum seekers in hotels. This concern was raised after about 200 went missing. Many Organizations warned the PM of Britain that children were at risk of exploitation many call it a “child protection scam”.

An Independent probe of the situation is also demanded by the charities. As most of the missing children were Albanian teenage boys, this is confirmed by the Government.

Of the adult asylum seekers who came to the United Kingdom in 2021 around 4600 but only half of them had returned around 440 were missing.  This is also an official statement made by the Minister Robert Jenrick- who is an immigration minister in charge and the statement was given in front of MPs. The minister also confirmed that 14 missing children were minors and under 16, and one female was also in them.

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Though the minister said there was no evidence of kidnapping, the authorities would not let the case go.

ECPAT UK which is a child rights organization and NSPCC and Barnado of the Refugee Council condemned the UK government for not protecting the rights of children. They came with the signed endorsement of 100 refugees and the children’s charity Council.

It has been said in the letter – the accommodation of children in the Home Office Hotel is not valid, this work is being done by the government for the last 2 years but it is illegal and harmful. It is no longer possible to justify the temporary use of hotels.

He also said that the government has always failed to tell when they are going to end it.

Refugee groups in Brighton on Wednesday night used a protest against the UK government to demand “urgent action to give children in need of protection the protection they deserve”.

While officials are ruling out the possibility of kidnapping, police sources and reports are indicating that it could be a case of smuggling.

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