Woman fired from Google visits Disneyland after hours of crying, draws criticism

woman fired from google visits disneyland after hours of crying, draws criticism

woman fired from google visits disneyland after hours of crying, draws criticism

Tech giants, including Microsoft, Amazon, Meta, and Google, were once counted among the safest places to work, but not anymore. While Google, Amazon, and Meta have recently fired 12,000, 18,000, and 11,000 employees, respectively, Microsoft has announced it will lay off 10,000 this year.

Scores of people have expressed fury over the recent layoffs by Google as the tech giant posted a $17 billion net profit in the September quarter, and have called on the board to sack CEO Sundar Pichai.

Some of the fired employees have served these tech giants for more than 20 years. The layoffs have shocked them for various justifiable reasons, including the way they have been laid off and the lack of respect for loyalty. As the employees come to terms with what just hit them, a debate has started on whether people should carry a sense of loyalty to the companies they work for if in the end firms are ruthless in cutting costs, Business Today reported.

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Nicole Tsai, who was among the 12,000 people recently laid off by Google, took to YouTube to record the events of the day on which received the news. In the video, the disappointed woman could be seen sobbing and texting her co-workers to find out who else met with a similar fate. She went through the posts of people who were sacked like her and also claimed that the firing was “random” and not done based on performance.

However, after crying for a long time, Tsai decided to visit Disneyland to eat her feelings away. She enjoyed her favourite snacks at the theme park and ended the vlog by saying she would continue to document her journey.

While some netizens encouraged her and wished her well, others couldn’t understand how she managed to relax at the theme park after the firing, Times Now reported. “What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger,” wrote one user.

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