Top 10 poorest cities in Georgia

top 10 poorest cities in georgia

top 10 poorest cities in georgia

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USUS – Georgia is associated with Atlanta, stunning scenery, and some of the greatest people you may meet in the United States of America.

However, just like every state, Georgia has some areas that are struggling. In these areas, an above-average percentage of people live in poverty, are unemployed, or are not earning as much as they should.

We thought it prudent to look at the areas in each state that are failing to make it even while the economy keeps improving, given all the discussion about income inequality going on across the nation. We, therefore, focused on drawing attention to the regions of Georgia that require assistance.

To do this, we examined the most recent American Community Survey Census data for the 129 Georgian communities having a population of more than 5,000.

RankNamePopulationPoverty rate
2Fort Valley8,74241.5%

Following are the top 10 poorest cities in Georgia.

1) Cordele

cordele state farmers market
cordele state farmers market

Unfortunately, Cordele is Georgia’s poorest city due to a combination of low wages and a lack of employment opportunities.

The city of 10,752 residents has Georgia’s highest poverty rate and the lowest median household income. Housing is reasonably priced since, at the very least, the cost of living is among the lowest in the state.

2) Fort Valley

city hall in fort valley ga us
city hall in fort valley ga us

Fort Valley is the second-poorest city in Georgia. The third-highest rate of poverty and second-lowest median household income are found in this city. The unemployment rate in the Peach State is only the second highest, though.

3) Milledgeville

3 milledgeville town
3 milledgeville town

The median income in Milledgeville, which is ranked as the third poorest city, is the ninth lowest.

And that indicates that the economy’s quality has increased somewhat between second and third on our list. The state’s poverty rate, which is 40.088747599178745%, is among the lowest in the nation.

The city’s low cost of living, however, more than makes up for its residents’ relatively modest salaries. In comparison to most areas of the Peach State, the money you do make here goes further.

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4) Statesboro


Georgia’s fourth poorest city is Statesboro. The municipality has the second highest rate of poverty in the state and the 11th lowest median household income. Despite this, the city still has a huge range of cultures because it conducts several events all year long.

5) Camilla

Camilla is the fifth-poorest Georgian city. In the state, the city has the 27th-lowest median income. Although Georgia’s poverty rate is among the highest in the country, a significant portion of the population is kept out of poverty thanks to the state’s extremely low cost of living. The news is still not ideal for Camilla.

6) Moultrie

colquit co.
colquit co.

The Peach State’s sixth poorest city is Moultrie. It ranks as having the 9th highest unemployment rate and the 26th greatest incidence of poverty.

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7) Thomaston


The seventh poorest city in Georgia is Thomaston. With a population of over 8,774, the city has the 18th-highest rate of poverty in the state. Its extremely low cost of living, however, makes it easier to pay the expenses each month.

8) Monroe

The seventh poorest city in Georgia is Monroe. The town’s unemployment rate, which is the 11th highest in the state, is the main problem.

9) Swainsboro


The ninth-poorest city in Georgia, Swainsboro, couldn’t avoid making the list; it comes in at number ten. Despite having the fourth-lowest median income, a sizable portion of the population lives in poverty. Overall, of the Georgian communities we looked at, Swainsboro has the 16th-highest percentage of residents who live in poverty.

10) Fitzgerald


Fitzgerald completes the list of the ten poorest Georgian cities. In the Peach State, the city of 8,812 people has a poverty rate and median income that are both in the bottom 20%.

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