Joe Biden’s ‘Buy America’ Policy Boosts Job Creation in Wisconsin

joe biden’s ‘buy america’ policy boosts job creation in wisconsin

joe biden’s ‘buy america’ policy boosts job creation in wisconsin

In a significant boost to the manufacturing sector, US President Joe Biden’s ambitious “Buy America” policy has opened up around 200 new manufacturing jobs in Wisconsin. 

The initiative aims to strengthen domestic production, promote job growth, and enhance national security by prioritizing American-made products for the federal government procurement. Buy America promises to strengthen the US economy by investing in working people, expanding domestic manufacturing, empowering small business owners, and rebuilding the country’s infrastructure. 

During her Thursday visit to Wisconsin, Vice President Kamala Harris highlighted that investments in broadband infrastructure are creating jobs in the state and across the nation, and increasing access to reliable, high-speed internet. 

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Nokia will manufacture fiber-optic broadband electronics for the Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) program. US Senator Tammy Baldwin said this shows the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is an investment in more than roads, bridges and broadband. She said it’s also an investment in the people, and economy. 

Nokia is the top supplier of fiber-optic broadband technology for service providers in the United States. The Finnish company will be able to supply its products and services to critical projects like BEAD, in an effort to narrow the digital divide, help contribute to the US’s economic growth and job creation. 

Jura Sola, chair and CEO of Sanmina Corporation, said partnership with Nokia will support American jobs. He pointed out that Nokia and Sanmina will be able to create a sustainable future for the industry, one that drives job growth and ensures the fiber products produced embody the quality and excellence associated with American manufacturing. 

Buy America policy promotes growth of domestic industries, and reduces dependence on foreign imports. It incentivizes companies to source materials and products within the US. Furthermore, the policy will strengthen local American businesses, create more jobs, and contribute to a resilient and robust economy.

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