Least Developed & Poorest Cities In California For 2024

a low income neighborhood is seen in mexico city

a low income neighborhood is seen in mexico city

Last updated on January 23rd, 2024 at 01:07 pm

If you think about California, thoughts of Sacramento, scenic landscapes, and some of the friendliest people you’ll meet anywhere in the state.

However, California, like many states, has some areas that are struggling with low income. These cities have a higher-than-average percentage of people living in poverty, unemployed, or earning less than they should.

Thus we have analyzed these cities & brought to you the list of least developed & poorest cities in California for 2024. Also, check out the Richest cities in California.

Most Poorest Cities In California For 2024

RankCityPopulationPoverty Rate
3Orange Cove10,12044.9%

1. Huron

Unfortunately, Huron ranks as California’s poorest city due to a combination of low salary and a scarcity of jobs.

The city of 7,084 inhabitants has the second lowest median household income and the second highest poverty rate in California.

The cost of living is among the lowest in the state, making things like housing reasonably inexpensive.

  • Unemployment Rate: 18.9%
  • Poverty Rate: 41.3%

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2. Firebaugh

Firebaugh is California’s second poorest city. The city has the 6th highest poverty rate and the 8th lowest median household income in the state.

The unemployment rate, on the other hand, is merely the second highest in the entire State.

  • Unemployment Rate: 20.9%
  • Poverty Rate: 33.1%

3. Orange Cove

Orange Cove is the 3rd poorest city in Australia, with the lowest median income. The economy of this city has jumped from 2nd to 3rd place on the list (compared to last year) with a noticeable improvement.

The poverty rate in this city is 45%, making it one of the lowest in the state. However, the city’s low cost of living compensates for its comparatively low salaries.

  • Unemployment Rate: 12.8%
  • Poverty Rate: 44.9%

4. Mendota

Mendota is the fourth poorest city in the state of California. The city has the 7th lowest median household income in the state and the 3rd most poverty rate.

However the city undertakes numerous events throughout the year, there is still a wide range of cultural diversity.

  • Unemployment Rate: 16.2%
  • Poverty Rate: 38.5%

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5. Clearlake

Clearlake is the 7th poorest city in California with the population of 15,000+ people. The average median household income is approx $36,000. The city’s median income is the sixth lowest in the state.

However, a low cost of living keeps a large number of people out of poverty. Thus it’s possible to survive in the city with low income.

  • Unemployment Rate: 19.7%
  • Poverty Rate: 29.4%

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These Least Developed & Poorest Cities In California For 2023 aren’t just based upon the poverty rate. But we have also evaluated them as per their employment rates as well as median household income for the cost of living.

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1 year ago

Why does it say orange cove is the 3rd poorest city in Australia? Lol and why does number 5 say it’s the 7th poorest city when it’s supposed to be 5th??

The Dragon
The Dragon
Reply to  Skeet
1 year ago

I had to triple check the article I was reading when I saw that.

1 year ago

Yes, I concur with the other 2 commenters, why is “Orange Cove, Australia” on the list for California, & ditto on the ranking list for #5.???

1 year ago

03/08/23 – This is a “sub-post” comment related to my previous comment questioning the listing of “Orange Cove, Australia” on California’s listing. I researched (should have done so prior my previous comment!) & there is a city of “Orange Cove” in “California – somewhere near the Fresno County area, I think. – After a review of the statistics listed, it would qualify on this listing. So, merely an oversight print/edit error. I did a “Contact Us” form today to clarify this issue regarding my comment on it. I didn’t ask/follow up on the #5 for list rating of #7.

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