Top 10 High Paying Jobs Without A Degree

top 10 highest paying jobs without a degree

top 10 highest paying jobs without a degree

Last updated on September 21st, 2023 at 11:49 am

Having trouble getting a BA? If spending years in further education doesn’t appeal to you, there are other options available to you. The truth is, you don’t necessarily have to study for years to get a well-paying job. In fact, a third of students regret going to university because of debt and unemployment. There are many high paying jobs for High School Dropouts , There are a number of high paying jobs in Politics too , you can check out some interesting field of jobs in Agriculture too.

There are some high paying jobs in some specific regions like Sweden , Texas , California , Philippines , Norway too.

But the majority of career paths benefit from gaining experience over education. Many of these jobs offer good wages and growth opportunities, making them solid choices.

If you’re looking to change careers or are new to the job market, we’ve found the best paid jobs that require minimal training.

Many jobs offer good pay and opportunities for growth, making them solid options but they demand a degree, here is list of 10 high paying jobs without a degree

These are the top 10 high paying jobs with no experience. There are many careers where skills and training are more important than traditional education.

1 The firefighter

You can earn up to £40,000 a year as a firefighter, around £30,000 as a manager, and upwards of £40,000 as a station manager. To get started, you’ll need to pass written exams and aptitude tests. You must also be fit – a number of physical exams are involved in the selection process.

2 A police Officer

As a police officer, there’s a variety of different roles you can do, and it’s not just about being out on the streets fighting crime. Sergeants start at around £20,000 and are entitled to pay up to £45,000 and upwards. As your career progresses, you can expect to earn up to £50,000 as an Inspector.

Monster has police officer jobs available.

3 The entrepreneur

Business owners don’t need any qualifications – just drive, determination and a brilliant idea. With one in 10 Brits dreaming of owning their own businesses, how much you earn depends on how successful you are.

4 Drivers of trains and trams

Newly qualified train drivers can earn up to £25,000, whereas experienced ones can earn up to £50,000. There are also great benefits, like free and discounted rail travel.

5 Managers of training

Employers hire training managers to conduct training programs across a variety of industries. The national average training manager salary is £37,000, but the salary can go higher depending on the company.

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6 Manager of a project

Project managers can work in a wide range of different fields and are essentially responsible for making sure a project is successful. The average salary for project managers is around £40,000, depending on the area and location. Follow our job interview guide to get a head start.

7 Controllers of air traffic

In order to obtain your air traffic control licence from the National Air Traffic Services (NATS), you must have five GCSEs (grades A-C) and have three years’ training. According to the place you work and shift allowances, experienced Controllers can earn between £17,000 and £21,000 as a starting salary.

8 Managers of sales

A sales manager leads their team toward a specific sales goal. You’ll need excellent IT skills and the ability to lead a team. Basic salaries start at £18,000 and can reach £100,000 and more.

9 Manager of construction

In order to coordinate and supervise projects, construction managers need good leadership and communication skills. Construction Managers can earn upwards of £50,000, but they must also work on site – regardless of the weather. Although some of the work can be done from the office, this role also involves working on site. In addition, even other jobs in the construction industry, like general labourers or electricians, typically offer decent salaries – and these positions don’t require a degree either.

10 Manager of hazardous waste

A manager in this field can expect to earn upwards of £36,000 a year to dispose of hazardous by-products that come from hospitals and factories.

These jobs can change your life !

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