10 Highest Paying Jobs in Politics

10 highest paying jobs in politics

10 highest paying jobs in politics

Everyone has a dream about their job career. But the fact is that due to lack of knowledge, we could not stand with our dreamer job. Career job objection plays a high role in our life journey. Some job that gives you satisfaction is the most important. Let us explore the highest-paying job in politics. The foundation built through the legislative is highly respectful jobs are below:

1. Prime Minister/President

A highly respected job with lots of responsibility. Responsible for the creation of foreign and domestic policies. President is also called the first person of the nation. So this is a remarkable job in politics. Annual salary- $400,000

2. Policy advisor

The post of policy advisor is one of the best positions. If you have an interest, it gives you the best chance to formulate, manage, direction to an agency administration. Annual salary- $76,250

3. Diplomat

Diplomacy is the key that secures the country from another country. It gives you a chance to deliver your thought very professionally in front of others. If you are a traveler and the best observer, so it will help you to know the countries very closely. Annual salary- $84,500

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4. Economist

If you are interested in the economy, you can look for this post. The better option in politics needs interest and knowledge. As an economist, you can analyze whole things regarding finance. Annual salary- $108,350

5. Speechwriter

Speechwriter has the power to influence millions of people throughout the speech. They have handled all processes where everything is static. Annual salary- $136,000

6. Public Relations

A public relation person manages the activity of the politicians. They have updated their images for the public. As we know, In politics, a clear positive image of the politician depends on their careers, so it takes a high responsibility. Annual salary- $62,810

7. Civil Servant

Civil Servant job is a permanent job with security. It gives higher authority to the position holder. A respectful job with lots of benefits comes under it. Annual salary- $78,260

8. Lawyer-

In politics, if you are in a position of lawyer for the politician, then it is beneficial for you. Every field people want to be part of It is the best-growing field. On the other hand, lawyer can continue their passion. Annual salary-$126,930

9. Politician Assistant

This is a highly responsible job that gives the responsibility to update the news on time on behalf of the politicians like Press releases, news, etc. comes under it. Annual salary- $62,8210

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10. Press Secretary

They work as mediators between politicians and media. Moreover, they provide the actual news about their politician. If they want to publish some pieces of information, they directly send them on time. Annual salary- $62,810 Therefore, these are the ten jobs that gives you the highest salary and a respectful life. These jobs provide many extra facilities that are unexpected.

In any job or profession work life balance is important , world is thinking about it. So before ending I must suggest you do whatever you want to do just balance you personal and professional life too!

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