10 Rarest Jobs In The World

10 rarest jobs in the world

10 rarest jobs in the world

Last updated on January 25th, 2024 at 09:26 am

Are you feeling bored? Do you want a change of job and do some amazing work? Here I am with the list of the rarest type of jobs in front of you. It’s easy to start with the most famous careers like a software engineer or police officer, but have you ever wondered which are the rarest professions? Certainly, these are some careers that are not to everyone’s taste. here is the rarest-

Wood Patternmaker

It is one of the rarest jobs in the world. Wooden pattern makers make wooden molds that are used by metallurgists to cast molten metal. These workers use many advanced woodworking techniques to design and mold as per the specifications. This is the rarest job that demands high skills and an understanding of dimensions. Carpentry skills and creativity are the basic need for it.

Way to begin –

One of the skills required to become a wood pattern maker is that it cannot be learned at university. Under training with experienced workers, you can start and with time you will gain more skills.

Earning estimation –

$51,020 per year

Wooden model makers

It is the second rare profession in the world. Professionals make wooden models in this, be it used for mock-ups or constructions.

This model works as a blueprint for beginning any big work.

Way to begin –

If you want to begin and look for a way, let me tell you you can start by learning on the job, for example, through carpentry courses or you can choose apprenticeships.

Earning estimation –

$60,040 per year

Agricultural (Farm) labor contractors

They act as HR in the company, they recruit agricultural workers. Farm contract labor to meet the labor needs. They supervise, train the workers, record the equipment requirement and fulfill it, and lead the laborers to the field.

Way to begin –

Knowledge of business and HR roles will help you to start this work as a career. Your work will grow with time and experience,

Earning estimation –

$54,400 per year

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Private chefs

These are employed by people rich and many other people like celebrities, ultra-high-net-worth individuals, or statespersons. They prepare food for themselves and their families for whom they get employed.

Sometimes chefs have to manage the household and any social events.

Way to begin –

Experience in cooking is required, you can start with cooking in hotels, restaurants homes, etc.

Earning estimation –

$43,260 per year

Timing device assemblers

They work with electrical clocks and other devices. High intricacy is needed to do this job. Success depends on how accurately the adjusters make these devices. Troubleshooting and calibrating are the main work that they do.

Way to begin –

Higher education alone does not meet the demand. STEM principles and knowledge will help you. Learning to fix timing issues will take time.

Earning estimation –

$ 44,670 per year

Industrial-organizational psychologists

They take note of the behavior of employees at work. Scholars of psychology are a good fit for this role. They use their knowledge in recruitment, learning and development, performance, and communication. They advise managers and work directly with employees who need help.

Way to begin –

Knowledge of psychology and at least a master’s degree in psychology are needed. And knowledge of HR work will help you to perform and coordinate in the unit.

Earning estimation – $113,320 per year

Refractory materials repairs

They specialize in the maintenance construction and repair of machines that use the trapping and sustainment of heat to function. They work to fix and control tools like boilers, ovens, furnaces, kilns, etc, so they need extra skills because these machines aren’t so common.

Way to begin –

Only education is not necessary, it’s a dangerous job. You will need experience in mechanical or engineering. Knowledge of working with refractory materials. You can start with entry-level roles.

Earning estimation –

$54,760 per year


These are dental specialists who focus on dental and facial problems. They fix missing teeth, damaged jaw structure, bones on the teeth, etc by using very complex surgeries.

Way to begin –

A doctorate in medicine or dentistry will not always work you will also need additional training. In complex restorative procedures and advanced surgeries.

Earning estimation –

$143,730 per year

Pediatric surgeons

They take care of the health of young patients, and adolescents. They particularly do operate on young people. They require knowledge of diseases and how to care for these vulnerable patients.

Way to begin –

They will have bachelor’s and master’s degrees in STEM or medicine. Any doctoral degree is needed. By the time you qualify as a surgeon, you will need to have had experience in a healthcare role in hospitals.

Earning estimation –

$290,310 per year

Animal breeders

They are responsible for ensuring the mating of animals to produce offspring. You will need to find the most suitable animals to mate with. The animals will likely be responsible for the level of care they receive until they are born.

Way to begin –

To become an animal breeder, a degree in Veterinary Studies, Biology, or Zoology will be necessary.

Earning estimation –

$43,270 per year

So these are some of the top rare jobs in the world, which pay high but are very rare to find!

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