Bayt Survey says that more than 50% of workers changed their job: UAE

bayt survey says that more than 50% of workers changed their

bayt survey says that more than 50% of workers changed their

A new survey of presents a new ratio for the work environment in UAE. With the coming new year 2023, 50% of professionals and workers in the MENA region want to change their job. The workforce wants to improve their career graphs.

What Survey says?

In the reports of the survey, it can be seen more than 56 percent of workers from the MENA region, like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Bahrain has thinking to change their job in 2023. The notable point is more than 74% are not going to leave their employer, they are thinking to change the whole work environment. Like they want a salary hike, new skills in their work, etc.

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The director of human resources Ola Haddad said that MENA professionals want to enrich their personal and professional life, with the upcoming new year.

The professionals showing an attitude to learning something new, and achieving goals in 2023. The companies are going to provide many facilities like a hike in salaries, work-life balance, etc according to the demands of professionals. 

If we take a deep look at the survey, nearly 31% of the professionals looking only for career growth, and the ratio of people who want a life balance and work arrangements is 25%. So, all are not looking for a job change.

What are the expectations?

If talk about workers’ expectations, they want the employers to provide more training and learning opportunity. Around 53% of people want this. Where other 20% want to get rewards and support, while around 12% want flexible working hours.

The survey indicates a big change is coming in the work environment in UAE.

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