Top 10 highest paying jobs in Sweden 2024

top 10 highest paying jobs in sweden

top 10 highest paying jobs in sweden

Last updated on January 24th, 2024 at 06:15 am

Sweden offers some of the best perks in the world, including free public education, abundant vacation time, and reasonable healthcare. It genuinely fosters social welfare and excellent levels of living.

However, despite having the highest tax rates in the world, the nation also provides outstanding, rewarding professional opportunities. Sweden has actually been named one of the greatest places to work.

Here is a list of the top 10 highest-paying careers in Sweden, regardless of whether you intend to relocate there to begin a lucrative career abroad or you are simply curious about which occupations pay exceptionally well.

RankProfessionAverage monthly salary
1.Surgeons / Doctor168,000 SEK
2.Judge141,000 SEK
3.Lawyer114,000 SEK
4.Bank manager107,000 SEK
5.Chief executive officer 101,000 SEK
6.Chief financial officer 94,000 SEK
7.Orthodontist 90,600 SEK
8.College professor80,600 SEK 
9.Pilot 67,100 SEK
10.Marketing director 60,400 SEK

Let us look at the top 10 highest-paying jobs in Sweden in 2024.

1) Surgeons/Doctors

Surgery is the highest-paying profession in Sweden, and for good reason. Surgeons take on a lot of danger and responsibility for the lives of their patients. To be a successful surgeon in Sweden, or anywhere else in the globe for that matter, requires extensive training, experience, and a comprehensive education.

These medical professionals deal every day with circumstances of life and death while working long hours and being always on call. Despite the difficulty of the position, this in-demand position offers a competitive compensation of up to 255,000 Swedish Krona.

In Sweden, as in many other nations, the highest-paying positions are those that need extensive education and training, as well as commitment and heavy responsibility. Although starting one of these jobs implies a long road ahead, the substantial pay is well worth the time and effort.

2) Judge

Judge is yet another well-paying position in the legal industry. With wages up to 214,000 Swedish Krona, this is one of the top careers and the second-most lucrative employment in Sweden. Judging is undoubtedly not “easy money.” This rigorous work requires a number of essential activities in addition to years of study and training, which support its high remuneration.

Simply said, judges decide the fates of individuals. It is a difficult but well-paying position to find in Sweden to act as a referee between the prosecuting and defence sides, instruct the jury, listen to and question witnesses, and then decide whether or not the accused are guilty or innocent.

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3) Lawyer

Lawyers are the third-highest paid job in Sweden. These licenced professionals conduct research, draft legal papers, and advise and represent clients in criminal and civil actions. Because it requires years of study, hard hours of labour, giving up personal time, and, most importantly, defending the rights of those facing legal problems, being a lawyer is a well-paying profession.

A high level of proficiency in Swedish is necessary to become a lawyer in Sweden, in addition to having good judgement and great communication abilities. You need a Master of Laws or a Bachelor of Laws degree, along with several years of professional legal experience, in order to practise law in Sweden.

4) Bank Manager

Several significant financial organizations rank among Sweden’s top employers, making this particular job role deserving of its high wage. One of Sweden’s best-paid occupations is banking, with monthly salaries of up to 163,000 Swedish Krona.

The operations of bank branches, including customer service, financial goals, distribution, sales, and the training of bank staff, fall under the high responsibility and risk work of bank managers. Bank managers need proven management experience and necessary credentials, like a bachelor’s degree in business administration, because they have a lot of supervising obligations.

5) Chief executive officer

Due to the rigorous nature of the position, chief executive officer (CEO) jobs in Sweden have tremendous earning potential. This career entails great risk, stress, personal sacrifice, and lengthy working hours because it is accountable for the overall performance of a corporation.

As a company’s highest-ranking executive, the CEO oversees the company’s strategy and goals, makes important corporate decisions, and serves as the organization’s public face. You must have significant experience and a valid degree in your chosen subject for this difficult position. You must also possess exceptional managerial, decision-making, and leadership abilities if you want to become a CEO.

6) Chief financial officer 

It is nearly probable that you would receive a big income when you are fully responsible for the financial decisions made by a corporation. Chief financial officers (CFOs) can make up to 143,000 Swedish Krona per month in Sweden, ranking among the top earners.

A company’s budgeting, spending, costs, taxation, and revenue are managed and planned by the CFO, who is crucial to the company’s success. You may need a CPA licence and a master’s degree in accounting, finance, or business administration to embark on this extremely profitable professional path.

7) Orthodontist 

Orthodontists treat dental and jaw irregularities to help patients’ oral health. Although they may also clean, remove, and repair teeth, orthodontists primarily help their patients by realigning their jaws, correcting their bites, and straightening their teeth.

You must enrol in dental school, complete your professional degree in dentistry, and receive a licence from the National Board of Health and Welfare in order to practise dentistry in Sweden (Socialstyrelsen).

8) College professor

College professors can be those who are passionate about education and are drawn to teaching. In addition to conducting research, producing academic publications on the subjects they are experts in, and giving presentations at academic conferences, these professionals also instruct students.

Although it is difficult, teaching at the post-secondary level gives a high salary. You will need a bachelor’s, master’s, and frequently a PhD in order to become a professor. Additionally, college lecturers must have ten years of professional experience.

9) Pilot

It should come as no surprise that the highest-paid employees in Sweden are also professionals. Indeed, a pilot can earn up to 102,000 Swedish Krona per year, which is a very good salary. As in any other nation, pilots must undergo intensive training and obtain licences because their job entails regularly transporting passengers and bearing responsibility for their safety.

Pilots can train in flight schools, enrol in college degree programmes in aviation, apply for airline cadet pilot programmes, or enlist in the Swedish Air Force. To start this career, they also need a student pilot licence (SPL) and a private pilot licence (PPL).

10) Marketing director

If you’ve taken marketing courses or are now employed in the marketing division of your organisation, try hard to get promoted—becoming a marketing director might bring in a sizable salary! Of course, a bachelor’s or master’s degree in marketing or business studies is necessary, as well as the necessary experience.

For the organisations they work for, marketing directors are charged with boosting sales and attracting new business. Their regular duties include developing methods to improve the company’s branding and image, which may involve creating marketing plans, campaigns, and events, budgets, and competitor and market analyses.

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You might want to do the research cause on average a Swedish EMT makes anywhere from 358,000 SEK to 426,233 SEK, putting above a surgeon.

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