Poland’s Right-Wing Government Proposes Referendum on Key National Issues

poland's right wing government proposes referendum on key national issues

poland’s right wing government proposes referendum on key national issues

Last updated on August 21st, 2023 at 07:11 am

The Law and Justice party (PIS), now in power in Poland, is campaigning for a national referendum to let people express their views on four crucial issues: immigration, border security, retirement age, and the privatization of state owned enterprises. Political factions around the nation have engaged in heated discussions and conflicts regarding the referendum proposal.

Polish MPs unexpectedly endorsed a draft resolution with a majority vote, paving the way for a potential October national referendum. The Law and Justice party proposed it to get the public’s opinion on crucial topics that would significantly impact the country’s future.

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The issue of whether Poland should take part in an EU migration policy that would involve absorbing thousands of migrants is one of the most divisive issues of the proposed referendum. The ruling party of the nation has voiced concerns about the rising pressure from immigration, particularly near the eastern border, and has stated the hope that the referendum will provide clarity on this contentious issue.

In the Sejm, Poland’s lower chamber of parliament, where lawmakers spoke out before voting, the discussion around the referendum came to a head. Ultimately, 233 people voted in Favour of the motion, 211 opposed it, and eight abstained. The requirement of 227 votes was met, demonstrating the broad support for a public vote on these crucial issues.

The opposition, however, passionately opposes the referendum and is led by Donald Tusk’s “Civic Platform” party. Tusk’s party has declared the vote “invalid,” accusing the Law and Justice party of crafting questions unfairly and aiming to marginalise their opponents. The Civic Platform party has also called for a referendum boycott, escalating the political rift.

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