The Ultimate List of Best Webinar Software In 2022

the ultimate list of best webinar software

the ultimate list of best webinar software

Webinars are currently gaining more popularity than ever before. Despite the pandemic and ‘work from home’ culture, most of the companies & employees always want face-to-face events, meetings and webinars in a virtual environment.

Here is The Ultimate List of Best Webinar Software In 2022. You can also call them ‘Best Webinar Platforms’ or ‘Best Webinar Solutions.’

1. Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting is completely browser-based and offers desktop plugins for Windows, Linux, and Mac, iOS app, Android app, Google Chrome extension, Firefox extension, Embed widget, and calendar integrations.

Zoho Meeting offers all common functions but is comparatively expensive. Zoho Meeting is particularly suitable for smaller webinars and virtual events.

2. Zoom

Zoom is a very solid solution among webinar software providers, as many functions can already be used for free.

As a webinar software, it is an evergreen and definitely meets the requirements of many companies. It is perfect for those companies that need an all-in-one webinar tool.

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3. WebinarJam

If you have little or no technical knowledge of webinars, Webinarjam is the place for you. The very user-friendly and intuitive software makes it easy to hold a secure, password-protected session.

It is a perfect webinar platform solution, but it’s really expensive. Thus it’s more suitable for webinar-savvy businesses or teams.

4. GoToWebinar

GoToWebinar is one of the major providers in the webinar market and enables both live webinars to be streamed and the recording to be sent to all participants.

It is a good choice, especially for companies that are only interested in webinar hosting. As a webinar software, GoToWebinar is easy and intuitive to use and therefore turns out to be a real all-rounder tool for webinars.

5. WebEx

WebEx is definitely more than just webinar software and combines a wide range of functions for conducting online meetings, events, training courses and virtual collaboration.

WebEx is the right choice for companies that want a single, powerful but inexpensive video communication system without extensive marketing functions.

Final Words On Best Webinar Software

The world is moving to the online world. This is why webinars are being more preferable rather than seminars & physical meetings in the corporate world.

The Ultimate List of Best Webinar Software In 2022 must be helpful for you for your upcoming webinar programs or events.

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