Study reveals risks of illegal fishing and labor abuse

study reveals risks of illegal fishing and labor abuse

study reveals risks of illegal fishing and labor abuse

A study finds that the risks of illegal fishing are increasing with every passing day. There was a gradual increase in the illegal fishing sector during the covid-19 pandemic and that essentially led to increase in labor abuse.

To fulfill the requirement for seafood, the pressure was building on the laborers who are involved in fishing activities. But as the sector is currently being organized, there were only a limited number of workers who were allowed to work through.

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However, many boat owners forced excessive people into the sea to get their hands on more of the sea assets. Experts have highlighted how important it is to observe and continuously monitor what is going on in the sea.

The increasing requirements have increased concerns about the possibility of illegal fishing, which was already there. The finding also revealed that there are certain underlying issues that need more focus than the superficial layers of the problem.

The analysts are hoping that these findings can help the owners as well as the government and the human rights groups to put stress on areas where it is most required. It will increase focus development aid investments and increase traceability, ultimately resulting in decreasing the chances associating seafood with labor abuses. “Major seafood companies are now able to understand where risks are greatest in order to help them meet their commitments to remove labor abuse and illegal fishing from their supply chains,” said one of the experts involved in the study.

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