Smart Ways To Maintain A Work Life Balance

work life balance

work life balance

While the millennial are still looking at gaining quick success in the Covid world, for them, there is a new dimension that rules their decision to take up a job.

They are prioritizing holistic living over success and would want to be employed with a company that ensures this.

The Gen Z is ‘extremely driven to find meaning and success in their professional lives’, but the pandemic has given them a wakeup call as well.

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They are evaluating work opportunities based on its contribution towards holistic wellness. There is an uncompromising attitude they have to the whole thing.  The need and desire for something more meaningful, something that can connect and add value to the humane side of life, is also the demand of Gen Z now.

Undeniably, Covid-19 has transformed and redefined the whole work landscape for generations to come. Work from home, has become a set norm and will go a long way in helping maintain a work-life balance too.

With millennials and Gen Z leading this transformation isn’t looking for unstructured work routine anymore. Structured work-life is what they desire, so that it leaves room for personal growth or time to enjoy those simple yet defining family moments and milestones.

This is one reason many are working as entrepreneurs or freelancers that can choose their own time and way of spending it. They are preferring their own space with pets and time to take vacations.

It is therefore no surprise that people are ditching their jobs and experimenting with whatever catches their fancy and gives them a sense of well being and satisfaction.

The skills which did not feature prominently on the top of any Resume are now looking like hot sells. Interpersonal skills, communication abilities, adaptability, are attributes that are being considered as ‘good–to-have’ skills.

Today, these skills can turn around the fortunes of a company, besides placing the individual on a fast-track career trajectory. Companies have no choice but to redefine the way they will run their business. Gen Z has demanded a shift that no one can ignore and this is here to stay- for decades to come.

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