Report suggests reason for unemployment in Bangladesh is unskilled migrant workers

report suggests reason for unemployment in bangladesh is unskilled migrant workers

report suggests reason for unemployment in bangladesh is unskilled migrant workers

Bangladesh Bangladesh – Unemployment rate in Bangladesh has touched the highest mark in recent months, for which partially the ongoing pandemic is to be blamed but it is not the only thing that is affecting the nation.

There is the least amount of effort gone into attempting towards skill development of migrant workers. The country has barely worked in skill development of these migrants and hence they are not getting employment in the country rather are being considered by foriegn countries for lower profile jobs with better pay.

The country is currently the sixth largest source country of International migrant with over one crore Bangladeshi nations working in other o countries. However, these migrant workers are never categorized under skilled workers.

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It has been years since the nation started getting popularized as the source nations for migrants. The possession was started in 1976 and from then it was considered and a major chunk of Bangladesh economy will rely on them but contradicting such assumption, the unskilled transformation of migrant workers is restricting their pay to a huge extent.

The government has effectively failed to groom a sufficient number of manpower for overseas jobs.

As per a data, merely five lakh people received proper training in various skills be it technical training run by Bureau of Manpower or Employment and Training (BMET) in the past six years but there are still 47 percent of civilians among migrant workers who can be categorised as less skilled, widely known as unskilled. Due to this, these unskilled workers earn lower wages and remit less hence the per workers remittance inflow remains one of the lowest in the world. The government is to be blamed for this treatment as skill development of migrant workers is in the court of the leaders and yet if such a large chunk of population is left unskilled that it is the centre who should be held responsible.

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