Pregnant Lebanese woman dies in hospital ‘after husband set her on fire

pregnant lebanese woman dies in hospital 'after husband set her on fire

pregnant lebanese woman dies in hospital ‘after husband set her on fire

LebanonLebanon – A five-month pregnant woman in Lebanon dies in a hospital in Tripoli after her husband allegedly set her on fire. Hana Khodor, 21, had succumbed to her injuries and died after 11 days of fighting for her life in the hospital. 

After the incident, Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces arrested her husband. However, her husband’s name has not been revealed yet. 

Khodor’s husband reportedly set her on fire because she refused to have an abortion. Her husband was worried and afraid that they would not be able to afford to raise another child amid the economic crisis. Khodor, who had two children, also lost her unborn baby due to the tragic incident. The doctors had to surgically remove the unborn child. 

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A Tripoli-based doctor said that Khodor had 100 percent body burns. The doctor further said, “No one survives with this type of burn.” The woman was badly beaten by her husband. The doctor also revealed that the woman had been receiving treatment for burns to her entire body.

Khodor’s aunt reportedly told Arab News, “When she refused to abort the baby, he took her home and set her on fire using the gas cylinder.” Her husband was planning to flee the country after the incident. 

The economic crisis in Lebanon has affected citizens severely. Since late 2019, Lebanon has been suffering a severe economic crisis. People are now unable to buy basic goods due to inflation and rising poverty. The crisis has also affected the monthly minimum wage of people. Poor people are suffering as they are unable to buy food and fuel. Lebanon’s inflation is set to average 178 percent in 2022.

In 2020, Lebanon’s currency sank more than 90 percent against the dollar on the black market. The 2020 Beirut port explosion also affected the economy of the country.

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