Maintaining our work-life balance amid the pandemic

maintaining our work life balance amid the pandemic

maintaining our work life balance amid the pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic forced many employees from multiple workplaces to start working from home. Some are still working from home while others have started to go back to work completely.

However, employees are still prone to burnout from work. It is important to balance work-life and personal life. Overwork can cause stress and anxiety. The workplace is made up of a cross-section of generations, burnout can affect each one differently. As the pandemic continues, worker burnout also continues to be a crisis.

Here are a few ways you can balance your work life and your personal life in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. First, it is important to set realistic goals and expectations for the day. Secondly, it is important to maintain a consistent schedule to stay on top of things.

Employees who are working from home need to create a designated space for work at home. This helps create healthy boundaries between work and home life. One must take breaks in between work to take rest and have food. It will help an individual to stay refreshed and feel less burnt out. One must communicate about their needs to the manager if they feel overwhelmed with the workload.

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Prioritise mental health

A worker should also prioritize mental health and self-care while working. Not maintaining your mental health can severely affect the productivity of the work. Running monthly webinars about mental health can also help employees at work. An employer should also respect the balance between the personal and professional life of the employees. The emotional well-being of the employees depends on robust support from their employer.

Employees feel pressure to be in constant contact with their managers and teams. This can trigger issues like loneliness, irritability, worry, and guilt. To combat this problem, it is required to set boundaries around working hours and work regular schedules.

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