Kalayaan charity highlights UK’s migrant domestic worker’s need for rights

UK’s migrant domestic worker's

UK’s migrant domestic worker’s

Last updated on February 16th, 2021 at 07:10 am

According to Thompson Reuters Foundation News, a volunteer for ‘Kalayaan’ which is UK’s charity organization working to improve workers’ rights for migrant domestic laborers expressed that they were informed about a vaccine rollout. The organization wrote to the government authorities in Dec 2020 requesting that the government guarantee that all migrant laborers get the Covid vaccine no matter whatever is their immigration status.

In their letter, the Charitable organization has additionally highlighted the effect of the public authority’s antagonistic climate policies and how this has kept a few laborers from enrolling with a GP, which is an essential step to getting the jab and fighting the general health crisis amid coronavirus pandemic. 

More than 140 associations addressing transient people quickly decried it as a purposeless gesture; a move which neglected to grasp the fear which migrants following policies designed to ban them from having a residence, health benefits, or a permanent job. As per the recent research by the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants, migrants will hesitate to receive any benefits from administrations until a solid move is made to invert the antagonistic policy. 

According to Thomson Reuters Foundation News, there is a must need to guarantee migrants are appropriately ensured through the pandemic, and past can be found on account of transient domestic workers

Since 2012, migrant workers have been dependent upon a non-sustainable half-year visa. To exacerbate the situation, somewhere in the range of 2012 and 2016, laborers were attached to a particular business that just kept receiving more mistreatment cases in Kalayaan.

Some changes were brought in 2012 in the thinking and approach of the government in the UK in the matters of migrant domestic workers. After the migrant domestic workers and their allies organized a campaign the government acknowledged that workers shouldn’t be abused or trapped in one work and should be permitted to change their boss. 

UK government guarantees that workers who were enslaved can access Mechanism (NRM) for support however this cannot protect them from the abuse they face.

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