7 Best YouTube Channels to Boost Your Business Communication

Best YouTube Channels to Boost Your Business Communication

Best YouTube Channels to Boost Your Business Communication

Last updated on May 22nd, 2024 at 01:36 pm

Do you want to get better at English for your job? YouTube has a lot of good channels that can help. Improving your business communication skills is an essential part of our lives. Having good communication skills makes a good impression on one another and also helps you stay motivated and confident. These are 7 of the best YouTube channels to improve your business communication skills:

1. Learn English with Rebecca

Level: Medium to Advanced
Steve Ford makes fun, engaging videos to learn new workplace words and phrases. Her clear speaking and visuals make the lessons entertaining. Topics include professional talks, emails, interviews, and important calls.

2. Business English with Steve Ford

Level: Advanced  
This channel focuses only on advanced business English. It covers complex topics like finance, accounting and law. Very helpful for managers and corporate jobs. Offers courses on grammar, transcripts and more.

3. Rachel’s English  

Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Rachel acts out common workplace situations to learn from. She speaks slowly and clearly, pausing to explain. Practice interviews, meetings and using proper phrases. Excellent for job preparation.

4. JenniferESL

Level: Beginner to Intermediate  
JenniferESL teaches you how to write good professional emails step-by-step. Learn email etiquette, scheduling meetings, attaching files and more through her examples.

5. Learn English with Let’s Talk

Level: Advanced
This channel prepares you for difficult situations at work. Like dealing with arrogant coworkers, asking for a raise, angry bosses or quitting a job. Gives you polite language for handling conflicts.  

6. Anglo-Link Level: A little bit difficult

Anglo-Link has longer videos to help with speaking English better and understanding when people speak. Follow along with their teaching and practice activities. Practice introducing yourself, phone calls, making appointments etc.

7. Learn Business English Online Level: All levels, from beginner to very advanced

This channel provides lessons about English for business at different levels of difficulty. From complete beginner to very advanced. Covers grammar rules, vocabulary words, pronunciation and more.

No matter your current English level, these top YouTube channels offer engaging ways to practice. From basic writing skills to handling complex scenarios. Subscribe and study regularly to boost your workplace communication abilities. 

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