10 top business communication skills for workplace success

top business communication skills for workplace success

top business communication skills for workplace success

To achieve workplace success, one of the most sought after requirements are proper communication skills. Thus if one needs to be successful in their professions, a person needs to inculcate proper business communication skills as the hiring managers notice them first after the hard skill set required. Sometimes it is seen that even candidates with good soft skills are ranked higher than those with good knowledge about the jobs but with poor soft skills and are trained afterwards according to the job role requirements.

From listening to non verbal skills, the list goes on. Here are the top 10 business soft skills that are required to be able to go leaps and bounds in your offices;

Effective Listening

This is a must if you need to go up the corporate ladder. Remaining active and keeping your eyes and ears open helps to understand the requirements of your colleagues and what is the exact work that needs to be done. It involves paying attention to speakers, understand it and ask for clarifications in case of  doubts.

Non Verbal Communication

Next in our row is non verbal communication. This is also one of the key skills that you would require on the job. For instance, improved body language, eye contact, hand gestures, and the tones exert a very big difference in the presentation of one’s work. A person needs to be open minded and be free so that he or she can take the points needed for the work to be completed properly.


One needs to be understood and be supported while working. Thus if a person is having a confrontation with you, regarding a topic, the person needs to be shown respect and care so that the conflict does not escalate and the matter is resolved quickly. This helps in increasing the overall productivity of the workspace.

Clarity in Workspace

Clarity of thoughts in the mind of a person needs to be there in order to make positive progress in the workspace. It helps in evaluating the priority in the office so that everything keeps going in order. 

Being Concise

Speaking to the point helps in sorting out and delivering effective messages to the team members and helps in clearing ambiguity. Therefore one needs to be very to the point in every mode of communication be it direct face to face speech, in form of emails, or text messages. 

Friendliness in Workspace

A friendly attitude helps in doing things most effectively and efficiently. A word in a friendly tone solves the issues everywhere and boosts the work culture of the employees. Thus a person needs to have a friendly approach towards work and colleagues to achieve success at work.

Being Respectful and Courteous

A courteous approach helps in gaining the respect of others. This must be followed in the office or be it in a remote setting. Remote or hybrid work thrives most of the time but is sometimes challenging to deal with as the office is located somewhere else and the person is situated in another place. This sometimes leads to miscommunication and issues may arise. But the issues are to be resolved by being respectful and courteous towards each other so that harmony exists and the team thrives.


Giving feedback is one of the keys in the communication process. It helps in keeping the work on track and resolving queries if they arise. Thus two way communication is the key to achieving goals in the workspace. 

Picking the Right Medium to converse

Another important tool in the skill set is picking the right medium to have a conversation. If one needs to have a serious conversation a face to face conversation is preferred. In other times, mild conversations can be done through online meets and text messages. It all depends on the nature of the conversation and sometimes varies from person to person too.

These were the main points to keep in mind if you go up the corporate ladder. Keep an eye out for more on our ‘Corporate Series’. 

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