Cannes Festival Head Worries About Too Much Focus on Controversies

Cannes Film Festival 2024

Cannes Film Festival 2024

Thierry Fremaux is the director of the Cannes Film Festival. This is a very important movie festival in France. Recently, Fremaux said he is worried that people are talking too much about problems and controversies in the movie industry instead of the movies themselves. 

In the past, Fremaux said, people mostly just talked about the movies shown at Cannes. They discussed whether they liked the movies or not. But now, there is too much focus on other issues like sexual abuse instead of the art of filmmaking.

Concerns About List of Accused Filmmakers

Part of Fremaux’s worry comes from a report that Cannes hired a special team to deal with problems. The report said this team was hired in case a list of 10 movie people accused of sexual abuse gets released. Fremaux wants to avoid too much arguing and debate at the festival. He wants to keep the focus on the movies.

Showing Film About #MeToo Movement  

Fremaux does not want too many arguments and debates at the festival. But the festival will still show a short movie about the #MeToo movement. This movement helped people understand more about sexual harassment, especially in the entertainment business like movies and TV. The short movie has 1,000 people who were victims telling their stories of abuse.

Fremaux said movies often show what is happening in the world, like the war in Ukraine or political issues in the United States. So some controversy is normal if filmmakers make movies about those topics.

Workers May Go On Strike

In addition to the controversies, Fremaux has another problem to deal with. Some of the workers at the Cannes festival want better working conditions. They are threatening to go on strike, which means they would stop working during the festival.

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