Japan advances efforts to protect human rights as it collaborates with the UN

japan and un agency to help firms ramp up human rights protection efforts

japan and un agency to help firms ramp up human rights protection efforts

Last updated on November 27th, 2021 at 05:34 am

Japan Japan – has expressed its desire to promote human rights in different sectors of the work structure and hence collaborated with the United Nations workers rights agency the international Labor Organization to execute the deed.

The Japanese government is focusing on the companies that deal or contribute in the global supply chain to maintain the standards of human rights and help people feel secure in a certain environment at work. The focus is also to ensure that the Japanese companies are well informed about the risks and violations of human rights.

The issue of not being aware whether your rights are being misused or not is one of the prime causes why many such incidents go unreported. They will be training the staff in the process so that violations of human rights in the global supply chain can be avoided.

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The current prime minister Fumio Kishida has highlighted the importance of human rights in the country. This is a drastic change from the previous governments who seemed a little neglectful about the implementation of human rights. In fact, Tokyo Olympic 2020 also saw many breaches in human rights.

But since the elections of Kishida in October, he has focused on ensuring human rights. Japan gave it even more value after reports about how Japan was lagging behind the United States and Europe came into view which suggested that the Aisan nation is failing to set rules for companies to ensure that their supply chains are free from human rights violations.

The policies which now be discussed further will also look at ensuring that no child labor violations are taking place in the nation. After certain changes in the leadership, even companies have become cautious and are now first ensuring for shareholders to protect the rights of the workers. Things have been extremely serious in the Island nation after the reports about treatment of the Uyghur Muslim community in the Xinjiang province of China came into picture. Japan wants to avoid such scrutiny and hence came up with a plan where the Japanese government will be providing funding to the ILO that will help bring changes to the human rights law in the country.

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