Italy: Thousands of Workers Protesting Against Mandatory Covid Health Pass

Thousands of workers protesting in Italy against mandatory covid health pass

Thousands of workers protesting in Italy against mandatory covid health pass

ItalyItaly – On Friday, thousands of workers took to the streets of Italy in protest against mandatory Covid health passes. The new guideline came into force on 15 October to urge individuals to get immunized and contain the virus rate in one of the nation’s most exceedingly awful impact by the virus.

As per a draft of the statement seen by Reuters, any worker who fails to present a legitimate health certificate will be suspended on no salary, yet can’t be sacked. The full summary is expected to be published later in the day. 

Workers and businesses will risk fines between 600 to 1,500 euros if they don’t follow the new norms. On 15 October, police were managing the crowd on the streets, a few schools ended classes early, and government offices gave admonitions of conceivable brutality amid worries that the anti-vaccination march could turn drastic, as they did last weekend in Rome.

While some European Union states have asked their health care workers to get immunized, none have made the Green Pass compulsory for all workers, making Italy an experimental case for the landmass. 

The Green Pass was initially considered to smooth travel around Europe, yet Italy was among the nations that quickly made it necessary for those needing to visit places like gyms, cafes, museums, restaurants and much more.

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However, the protest against the mandatory rule for Green Pass for workers was peaceful on 15 October. A protestor said, “We are not here spread violence, we are here because they are removing our rights, and we can’t go to work any longer,” AP News reported. 

As per CNN reports, electronic scanners that can scan the Green Pass were set up at more prominent organizations, for example, the Italian Premier Mario Draghi and the head office of Trenitalia railway company. 

However, for those who can’t or will not get their vaccine, the compulsory pass requires them to get tested every 48 hours, only to continue going to their jobs. Only individuals with prior health conditions are exempted from getting the vaccine.

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